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Our cultivationCacao

Cocoa beans have been used and valued by people for thousands of years. Its high value can be proved by the fact that in the past it was even used as a means of payment. In today’s world the appreciation of cocoa and its product derivatives is not waning. On the other hand, the awareness of cultivation of cocoa and its products is growing, as well as the awareness of the need to care for the environment.

We understand our customers’ needs and expectations, that is why our cultivation is based on strict rules and constant quality control. Cocoa bean production is a demanding activity. Our many years of experience in this field and access to fertile soils and excellent climate allow us to get the best from nature. The beans grown by us are appreciated by our customers for their unique taste and high quality.

We believe in the power and generosity of nature. Therefore, in our cultivation we base on the principles of sustainable development. This allows us to protect the environment, while ensuring the highest quality of our crops.